The World’s best yoga mat took us 5 years of hard work to create

What sets Liforme mats apart?

Ultimate Grip

Ultimate Grip for your practice

Even when sweaty-wet!

Planet Friendly
Body Kind

Truly Planet Friendly & Body Kind

PVC-Free and biodegradable

Original Alignment

Unique & Original Alignment System

Your navigational tool

Kino MacGregor
"The Liforme mats are really just the perfect mat. The material is just sticky enough to be a firm base for practice but not too sticky to prevent ease and flow." Kino MacGregor
Gerald Saluti
"Once I was introduced to Liforme, my search for the perfect mat was over." Gerald Saluti
Esther Ekhart
"I love the Liforme Yoga mat; it’s comfortable to practice on, with a sturdy but luxurious feel and has fantastic grip. The markers on the mat ensure my alignment is correct every time I practice and teach." Esther Ekhart
Beach Yoga Girl
"This is the best Yoga mat I've ever used, and I don't throw that statement around lightly" Kerri Verna
Dylan Werner
"It's firm enough so that I feel supported in arm balances and handstands but still supportive for my yin practice and stretching. The alignment guide really helps me with my form and position in my standing postures." Dylan Werner
Elena Brower
"The best aspects of my Liforme mat are the grip and the environmental consciousness" Elena Brower
Joan Hyman
"The design on the mat is useful because it helps you line up your feet and hands for better alignment. Extra padding to protect my joints and I love the non slip feel, especially with sweaty LA yoga classes!" Joan Hyman
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