Holistic Therapist Magazine

September 2013


Products Picked by the Editor 

Liforme Yoga Mat

"Liforme have developed an innovative yoga mat (£100) with a unique ‘alignment system’ on its surface to help yogis of all traditions, levels and sizes to practise in perfect posture. Liforme founder, James Armitage was reflecting during Sivasana after being told for the past hour he was ‘out of alignment’, and decided there must be a way for yogis to self-check their form. And so the AlignForMe system was born… it works as a navigational tool, giving yogis as much or as little guidance as they need."

Aids alignment

Unparalleled grip from a specially engineered top-surface material;

Wider and longer than the norm,

Deep cushioning yet fantastic lie flat stability due to its sturdy natural rubber base;

Eco-friendly and body kind materials, with fully recyclable packaging


Available at Jivamukti Yoga Notting Hill, London and via liforme.com