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20thJanuary 2015

'Ultimate Yoga Mat Comparison: Five Top Yoga Mats Put to the Test

By Ann Pizer, Yoga Expert

Which yoga mat is the best? Well, it depends on your priorities. Do you need a light mat for travel? Are you most concerned about having a biodegradable mat? Do you want a mat that will last a good, long time? Is cost your biggest issue? Here is a chart that lays out all the most important features in five popular yoga mats so that you can easily decide which one is right for you. In addition, you can use the links below to find more in-depth reviews of several of these mats. Liforme Yoga Mat: A soft mat with excellent traction and a unique alignment graphic.

Can You Learn Yoga From Your Mat? Instructional Yoga Mat Comparison

When you first start doing yoga, there is a lot of new information to take in. Remembering the names and basic shapes of the poses is first and foremost for new yogis. Your teacher may get into more detail aboutalignment, but in a group class the teacher can't get to every student to correct them in every pose. Yet, alignment is so important, and it's better to create good habits than to try to correct bad ones later. So what's the conscientious yoga student to do? Well, there are several yoga mats on the market that try to help you establish the correct alignment for yourself. Although they are superficially similar, in that they all rely on markings on the surface on the mat, each of the mats that I looked at has a slightly different approach and thus will appeal to different types of students. Read on to see if using one of these mats might enhance your yoga practice and which one will suit you best, plus check out the comparison chart on Page 2 for a quick overview of the pertinent vital statistics. Next, we come to the Liforme mat, (pronounced "life form"). This mat really stands out from the others, in terms of the quality of the mat itself, the elegance and flexibility of the alignment graphic, and the price tag. The mat is made from polyurethane and rubber, with a smooth, absorbent surface that resembles Lululemon's popular "The Mat." A biomorphic design adorns the center of the mat, bisected by a line running down the very center. In addition, two different horizontal hand and foot guides allow for variation in the heights of users. The coolest design element is four diagonal lines around the center, which act as foot guides for standing poses. Since you can place your foot anywhere along the diagonal, this design accommodates a wide variety of alignment strategies from different yoga styles. This mat is also the best suited for an evolving practice: it offers as much to an advanced student as a beginner.