Align for me system
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Some example postures using the AlignForMe system

Downward Facing Dog
Reverse Tabletop

Have you ever tried to navigate without a map? You can for a while, right? You can wander here and there and go with gut instinct. But if you're trying to get somewhere with accuracy and ease then being map-less can sometimes just be a pain in the spatial awareness brain.

Our unique, and revolutionary, AlignForMe System works as a navigational tool for your Yoga asana practice. No more will you have to flounder around, wondering what should go where, or guessing if you’re in alignment.

Our system is unique. The combination of intelligent markers gives you as much, or as little, guidance as you need.

Just like a map, the AlignForMe system is a ‘guide’ – how you use it is up to you.

Sometimes you will find you align yourself exactly to the markers - this will happen quite naturally in certain asanas (Yoga postures). Or you will find that you align yourself 'near' to the markers, and as long as you ensure that your feet and hands (or knees or elbows) are aligned evenly to each other, widthways and lengthways, then you'll start to feel the difference!

The AlignForMe Yoga alignment markers are designed to give you lots of different ways of using them. And they provide a really 'easy to follow' visual guide. Top notch Yoga teachers have helped us get this just right.

If you are worried the AlignForMe system may distract your focus, we suggest just trying it. We think you’ll find that when you’re in the Yogi zone and focusing on your Ujjayi (victorious) breath, the Align For Me markers will always be a help, and never a hindrance. We've taken a lot of time, and really put our Yogi minds into making sure of this.

Overall, we recommend using the top-side of our mat at all times because it offers phenomenal grip and we are confident that, once you get used to them, you will never find the AlignForMe markers to be an unwelcome distraction. We also recommend playing around with the AlignForMe system to discover the many different ways it can work for you; it’s easy and fun to use – so go bust out some asana!

Benefits of the AlignForMe system:

  • Your body will feel steadier and more aligned
  • It can help you to avoid injury. Without knowing it, yoga practitioners can weaken their body through repetitive incorrect placement/alignment. With our AlignForMe System you can have a greater understanding of what goes where and how to correct yourself.
  • You can immediately self-correct. If you’re in class and see that you are misaligned you won’t need to wait for your teacher to correct you. And when the teacher is there, they’ll be able to see more clearly where you may be mis-aligned.
  • If you’ve been practising a certain way this may feel strange at first. We noticed anomalies in our bodies we hadn’t seen before – like a right foot which tended to stray too wide in Downward Facing Dog, or a left leg that couldn’t step as far forwards as the right leg. All these differences can even out in in time with consistent correct placement.


There are a few so-called alignment Yoga mats around, but there is only one AlignForMe system.

Be enlightened about your Yoga alignment.


Our Align For Me system is proprietary to Liforme Ltd., and is protected by various design patents and registered designs. Copyright Liforme Ltd. 2016. All rights reserved.