Dylan Werner

Vinyasa, International Yoga Teacher

This is my favorite mat in the world! I love the material, super sticky, I don't slide when I sweat. It's firm enough so that I feel supported in arm balances and handstands but still supportive for my yin practice and stretching. The alignment guide really helps me with my form and position in my standing postures and I love all the colors. I practice mostly now on the travel mat because I'm always on the road. It's absolutely perfect to travel with and fits nicely in my suitcase.

With most companies just trying to make a profit off of yoga, Liforme is one of the few brands that have really set themselves apart by creating a product that is incredibly eco-friendly, made from non toxic materials unlike most yoga mats that are toxic and we don't even know, and they have put so much time and effort into really developing the best possible yoga mat there is. I have a very close connection with the people at Liforme. I know their ethics and the values behind the company and product, and they are a company that I support full heartedly.

Dylan Werner is a Vinyasa yoga teacher that spends most of his time traveling, teaching workshops and classes all over the world. Dylan is an inversion and arm balance master and is regarded as one of the world leaders in yoga strength training and body weight movement. Dylan is a diverse teacher, able to bring the most advanced concepts of yoga and movement to anyone at any level. While he’s practice appears very physical, he believes it’s only a tool to discover yourself, find clarity, peace, presents and meditation.

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