Adam Whiting

Vinyasa Yoga, Sydney

I first fell in love with the grip and size first of the Liforme mat. It is a little bit bigger than most mats, and it stays slip free for me throughout a sweaty flow, which is a rare find. The alignment markings are great tools to check in with my hand and foot placement, and to also mark my progress in my mobility and my floats.
Adam Whiting

A passionate and inspired yogi, Adam currently teaches around the world for Power Living Australia Yoga. Coming from Charlotte, North Carolina, he brings with him a playful energy, which the P.L.A.Y community has quickly come to know and love. He credits his 12-year personal yoga and meditation practice with alleviating the debilitating symptoms of his post-9/11 PTSD and anxiety disorder. His hope is to share this transformational practice with as many students as possible.

Adam loves the playfulness and creative freedom found in crafting an intelligently sequenced vinyasa flow class with anatomical precision. When he’s not leading a meditation, you can find him cracking jokes and calling poses to the soundtrack of an upbeat, energetic playlist in his challenging but empowering vinyasa flow classes.

Adam is also partial to breaking down and inverting the flow with a focus on advanced arm balances and inversions. A talented musician, you will often find Adam in class with his guitar, a blissful experience bringing the power of raw, acoustic energy into the classroom.

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